Video Listings

The following video tapes are available free of charge to Builders Association members only. In order to reserve a tape, please call Kevin Reilly.



The Winning Ticket

Housekeeping on the Job Site

Safety: The Bottom Line


Building a Solid Base

Management’s Role in Safety

Confined Space Safety

Confined Space Entry

Cleaning The Air

Confined Space Entry

Why Workers Die in Confined Spaces

Confined Space Entry

Construction Hazard Communication

Hazard Communication Standard

On Solid Ground

Excavation and Trenching

The Rule of the Game

Employee Safety Orientation

Dancing Alone

Employee Safety Orientation

Taking Charge

Safety and the Supervisor

On the Move

Material Handling and Back Injury Prevention

The Choice is Yours

Guide to Personal Protective Equipment

Take Charge

Working Safety with Electricity

Heightened Awareness

Fall Protection in Construction

Watch Your Step

Fall Protection

Take the Lead on Lead

Construction Lead Standard

On the Go

Forklift Safety

Headed for Safety

Transportation Safety

Think Again

Substance Abuse on the Jobsite

Success at the Top

Stairway and Ladder Safety

Putting It All Together

Scaffolding Safety

The Sky’s the Limit

Scissor & Aerial Platform Safety

Play it Safe

Crane Safety

Take Control

Lock-out / Tag-out

Controlling The Field

Job Site Safety Inspection

Common Ground in Damage Prevention: A Best Practices Study

Pipeline Safety

Ready or Not

OSHA’s Inspection & Citation Process

Getting the Job Done Safety

Worker Orientation

It Can Leave You Breathless

Silica Exposure